• Who will I be working with?

    • After we sort out all the details of your project, you’ll work directly with our creative director, Chrystyn, to bring your vision to life. She may bring others on the team to work on your project, but Chrystyn will always be your point of contact.

  • What if I have an issue with my project?

    • It’s never difficult to get in touch with us. From your first consultation you’ll be speaking directly with our leadership team (not robots.) If there is ever a problem with your project you can call or email us, and we’ll get back to you asap!

    • Our average response time is 2-4hrs on normal business days.


  • What if I don’t see the service listed that I need?

    • There are so many things that we can do as digital marketers that we simply didn’t have enough space to list it all! Instead, we listed the most common things our clients request of us. If you don’t see exactly what you need then get in touch and we’ll talk about your specific needs.

  • What if want additional services after I get my quote?

    • No problem! Our team is extremely flexible and we’re happy to adjust the scope of your project as necessary.


  • Why aren’t there any prices on the website?

    • Every project is unique and we create custom packages depending on your needs. But don’t worry! Once your quote is set and sent, we will never add additional charges without a) discussing it with you and b) both parties agreeing to the additional work.

  • How many revisions do I get?

    • For every project you get 3 full revision opportunities. If the number of substantial client edits exceed 3 revisions, the total estimated hours allotted for each task will increase. This additional time needs to be captured and billed at an additional flat rate time & materials fee. Typically most design projects do not require more than 3 revisions to finalize. Clients will be notified well in advance before incurring additional fees on open projects.


  • Can I come hang out in your office?

    • Unfortunately not. We are a digital company with only enough office space for the nerds we employ. However, we’re always available online and happy to video-chat with you and/or your team.

  • Will you work in my office?

    • Most likely! If you are within 25 miles of our home base (Concord, CA 94518) then we’re happy to work in your office free of charge. If you’re outside that radius but within 50 miles from our home base, there is an additional travel charge.

    • Don’t forget— we’re always available online and happy to video-chat with you and/or your team.